Marketing is essential for any business looking to grow, develop and gain new customers/clients. With the development of online technologies there are now may ways to market your business online. But many people forget to map out a plan when performing online marketing campaigns, so here are 6 factors that should be considered when carrying out any online marketing campaign…

1. Be Clear About Your Business & Campaign

There is a saying in the marking world, “Clarity is Power” and this is very true! It is essential to have defined goals for your marketing campaigns – what are you looking to achieve? If you have no goals, it can be extremely difficult to define what your campaign is all about and to make it successful. So this is essential, so before doing anything list maybe 5 – 10 points that lay out what your campaign is going to achieve.

2. Who is Your Ideal Customer/Client?

Who are you looking to target? Defining a target audience is very important and should shape your whole campaign, from the format in which it is carried out (i.e. Social Networking or Email) to the message that you are sending.

When defining your target audience it is important to look at things like: age, location, hobbies, needs, desires, fears, problems and so on.

3. Where Can You Find Your Customer/Client?

Finding how to reach a customer/client can be a difficult task, but after you have defined your target audience it should give you some answers as to how you can reach them.

A good way to do this is to have a brainstorming session and put down on paper where your ideal customer/client might spend their time.

4. Tell Them About Your Offer

After completing the above steps, you are now in a position to really start thinking about your message. What is your offering? Is it a promotion, or just building awareness of your service or products?

It is important that this step is executed properly, otherwise all work previous has been a waste of time! Bare in mind your target audience and how you are reaching them, and reflect the message to suit.

5. Execute & Follow Up

So you are now ready go live with your campaign… You have outlined goals, done your research and compiled your message. So now it’s time go live with your campaign. It is very important to follow up your campaign, this ensures that your message stays in your target audience’s mind, and anyone that may have been interested but forgot will then be reminded and maybe respond to your campaign.

Another thing to remember is tracking the success of a campaign, what worked and what didn’t. This can help shape future campaigns to help them be even more successful.

So there we have it, 5 steps that should be followed when carrying out any marketing campaign. We hope this helps!

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