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Before Google decided they wanted to focus more on quality and help fight the spammers with the Panda and Penguin updates, blog comments were always a good way to get a link back to your website to help with search engine rankings. But now of course, things have changed. Since Google’s algorithm changes, blog commenting techniques (which were abused by spammers) do not work nearly as well. So now we have to look at blog commenting and its SEO benefits in a completely different way.

For too long now people have been spamming blogs with a keyword link back to their site with comments such as “Great post, really informative!”. Google have obviously picked up on this, and are starting to penalise sites that use such practices. The emphasis now is really on quality. Quality content and quality backlinks on relevant sites.

So since the Panda and Pengiun updates, leaving useless blog comments with links have been significantly devalued. It will now be more or less impossible to drive up your search engine rankings with just blog comments alone. That said, it doesn’t mean they are completely useless. Blog comments can still help with building your brand, awareness and in some respects your rankings.

How to blog comment properly

So you now know that blog comments should not be an easy way to get a link back to your site. Lets step into the modern day SEO mindset and instead of wanting to build spammy backlinks, try to see blog commenting as a way of interacting with an already established online community.

What you need to remember is that people read blog comments and this is your chance to grab people’s attention and stand out from the crowd! A well thought out, interesting and valuable comment will draw attention from people reading comments. It is also more likely to be read by the person who published the post in the first place.

So to summarise, blog commenting still has its uses. But care should be taken on how it is done. Do not post hundreds of blog comments (you don’t want to look like a spammer), only include you real name (not your company name or keywords) and most importantly get involved with other commenters and post meaningful relevant comments that are going to trigger a reaction.

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