Google is a powerful marketing tool for many businesses, and has proven its self to be very powerful at bringing in new customers. Because it works so well, many companies just rely on Google for driving new business and bringing new cusomters but this can be a dangerous game. With the market and economy changing so rapidly what works now may not necessarily work in the future. This is why it is essential to keep your marketing channels open and always try different approaches to marketing your company and its products/services.

Here are some ideas to help you on your way to marketing your business:

Word of mouth

Word of mouth and recommendations are probably the best and most inexpensive way of marketing. You could maybe come up with some incentives for previous and future customers to recommend you to their friends. Maybe 10% off their next purchase if one of their recommendations converts.

Public Relations (PR)

PR can be very powerful and in most cases is free! Maybe writing articles/reviews for relevant industry publications. This can often be hard to get into, but if you can get articles out there it is a great way of promoting your company without paying for advertising.

Social media

This is the hot topic of the year and we have touched upon this one in other blog posts. Social media is growing by the day, and search engines are picking up on this and in reaction Google now returns live results from website such as Twitter. As well as being effective for search engines, social media is a good way of promoting your business on a more personal level. Obviously you can’t expect to see instant results, but it just builds company perception, adds a personal element to your online presence and is available and used by such vast, diverse audience.

Special offers

Special offers and pricing. Many feel that they want to maintain their brand as being high-end and of good quality, and I think this is key to many business ideas and models. But at the same time the brand can be maintained whilst still promoting special offers and and good deals that your company may currently have on. 9 times out of 10, if you give the perception that the customer is getting a good deal, they will actually think they are and continue to purchase your product/service.

Business relationships/partnerships

Forming reciprocal relationships with other company’s can be a good way to drive new customers. Maybe forming a relationship with another company that offer similar products/services but are not competitors, you could refer busines to each other meaning that you both benefit.

If you would like any more information on this article or how to market your business, then please contact us.

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