Five Tips for a Great Business Card

Have you ever considered just how important the design of your business card is and if done correctly, how useful a tool it can be? A great business card should be visually appealing, show clearly who you are and what your business does and why people should do business with you. If you get this just right, it could be one of the most cost-effective marketing tools open to you and your business.

Remember, your business card is often the first impression. Here are some of our top tips for getting your business card right:

  1. Leave a lasting impression – your design should stand out from the competition. Make sure it is original, visually appealing and reflects your brand. Consider your use of colour very carefully, it could make a significant difference to the overall look and perception of your business card.
  2. Get it professionally printed – with so many great deals available on business card printing these days, there really is no excuse to print your business cards yourself. A cheap looking finish is not going to give the best impression of your company to potential customers.
  3. State your USP (unique selling point) – one short line telling the bearer of the card why they should do business with you will go a long way. For example, a dry cleaners could use ‘2-hour clean guarantee’ or ‘all garments professionally dry cleaned’
  4. Standard size is best – make sure your business card will fit in wallets and business card holders. The standard size in the UK is generally considered to be 85mm (w) x 55mm (h).
  5. Make sure it’s clear – use a clear font that is not too small so that the bearer can quickly pick out the information they need. On the same note, make sure it is not too busy and cluttered or they may bin it without actually reading.

Now it’s no good having a great business card if nobody is going to see it. So once you have had your beautiful card designed and printed, you will need to make sure it gets seen. Make sure you always have a good supply of them on you and don’t be afraid to give them out when it is appropriate to do so. You could also give more than one, inviting people to give the extras to others who may require your services – you never know whose hand your business card could end up in!

If you’re thinking about having a new business card designed, contact The Web Taylor for an obligation-free discussion.

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