How Custom Graphics Can Bring You Success on Social Media

Social media is a fundamental part of any marketing plan. Unfortunately, not many companies can say that it has helped them as much as they had anticipated. Although this could be due to a number of reasons, one of the best ways of making social media work for you is through the use of custom graphics.

Importance of Custom Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words and perfectly done custom graphics can capture people’s attention within just 2 seconds. Other than just capturing attention, images are shareable and can easily go viral. They are quick in not only creating connections with your target market but also cause emotions that make people react to them. According to Twitter, posts that contain images are 35% more likely to be re-tweeted than those without and this would also explain why Instagram has more followers than Twitter.

Custom Graphics and Their Implementation

Given the benefits your business stands to gain from using custom graphics on social media, it is paramount that you also choose the right graphics and implement them correctly. Although there are different types of images, you can try infographics, animated GIFs, memes, typographical images and manipulated photography. As long as they are unique and customized to your brand, they will certainly help you a great deal.

As you come up with these graphics, try to ensure that they can be used on all the available social media platforms. Using the same images shows consistency and also improves visibility. However, you will also need to preview them on those platforms to ensure that no detail is lost before posting them.

You also need to use figurative language in your graphics, otherwise, they may not be very effective in bringing in new customers. Think about incorporating metaphors and similes since they make your images memorable and shareable.

Creating custom graphics for your social media campaign may be laborious but you stand to gain a lot if you get it right. In case you feel this is eating up a lot of your time, find a professional agency to create these graphics for you.

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