How Does Google’s Mobile Friendly Update Affect Search Results?

Over the years, search engines have defined how users access information. SEO has remained for a long time the basic determinant how websites are ranked on search engines. When users search for information on search engines, they usually view results found on the first page.

If your company or business website is listed highly on the first page, it means more traffic for you. This is because users believe that highly ranked websites are reputable therefore they will get to visit them.

In April 2015 Google updated their search algorithm to favour mobile friendly websites in the search results. As mobile web design experts in Portsmouth, we have not been left behind either and have become more focused on designing responsive web platforms in order to meet the change.

How does Google mobile friendly update affect search results?

Mobile friendly sites ranked highly

Before the recent updates ranking relied largely on SEO to achieve good rankings. SEO includes keyword rich content on the site, backlinks from other sites and many other on and off site factors.

The recent changes means that websites which are not mobile friendly will be ranked lower compared to those which are which could lead to a huge reduction of traffic to a non mobile compatible site.

Better user experience on mobile

Mobile web design will ensure that websites are viewed better on mobile devices therefore providing better user experience. Websites which are mobile friendly or responsive are problematic to smaller mobile devices that utilize touch as a means of navigation.

A majority of elements such as buttons, icons, images and the viewport will overflow and be hidden from view. This has negative effects on user experience which can impact traffic to your site negatively. We have built a number of mobile websites for customers in Portsmouth and across the South and we strongly advise all clients to have a fully responsive website for the best user experience. Another less favourable option is to have a separate mobile website designed and assigned ‘’ or similar domain.

Better accessibility through mobile

Smartphone users today connect to the internet via their mobile and are able to make searches, post content as well as view other websites. The increase in smartphone users has led to the recent changes by Google. By making your site to be mobile friendly, you enable mobile users to have easier accessibility to your site. Experts have determined that more than 60% of Google searches are performed on mobile searches.

What is the best solution?

Currently site owners are confused whether to have a separate mobile website developed or to overhaul their whole website to make it responsive.

We believe in most cases it is better to have a responsive website. It usually works better for all devices, is easier to manage and it’s cheaper compared to making a separate mobile site.

If you would like more information on mobile websites or would like to find out how we could help your business, please get in touch.

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