How Often Should I Have My Company Website Redesigned?

In today’s ever changing world of technology it’s pretty important to keep things fresh. We regularly see tired, dated websites that are in urgent need of a revamp. Some as old as ten years – far too long for a website to be left untouched!

The quick answer to when you should have a redesign is around every two or three years, two years ideally. We try to redesign our own website at least once every two years in order to keep with the times.

Technology and trends are changing at an alarming pace. For example a few years ago not having a mobile or responsive site wasn’t much of an issue. Fast forward to 2015 with the rise of smart phones and tablets, customers now browse the internet more using mobile devices more than traditional PC’s. This makes it extremely important to ensure that your website can be viewed on any device, big or small. Other factors like screen sizes, frequent new device being released and the ever-changing SEO practices should also be considered when keeping a website up-to-date and current.

There are many reasons why people wait to redesign – they don’t see the importance, lack of funds, or simply just never get round to it. People don’t seem to realise you need to have a budget in place for web design in the same way you would budget for sales, technology, expenses, office rent etc. Your website is just as important! Many companies see getting a website as a one-time expense and think once it’s done that’s it for 5+ years. Marketing is a continuous process and your website should be the focal point. Which means you ideally need to make sure your site is not only regularly redesigned but is frequently updated with new content.

Typically as a business you will always be wanting to improve your marketing strategy, sales, and business processes. Your website needs to be the main tool acting to support these areas. Keep your business current by asking yourself: What are my competitors doing? Is my web presence and marketing strategy up to date? Should I make changes to our branding? What can we do better?

So, be sure to keep in mind a budget to periodically redesign your website, see it as a continuous expense – or not as an expense but as an investment in your company.

Dont wait for a redesign! Get in touch with our helpful designers at The Web Taylor call us on 02392 123 538 or drop us an email

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