How To Get The Most Out Of Your Testimonials


There are many different marketing tools that a business can use, but customer testimonials are definitely one of the best. It proves that the work you do is good to other potential customers. Many people (including myself) choose the business they work with or use based on customer testimonials. We even choose restaurants and places we shop based on customer testimonials and reviews. You may have even gone to see a film based on a friend’s recommendation.

The reason behind testimonials working is really quite obvious. Testimonials generate business because it is proof that you have customers and they are happy with your products or services. Not only do they prove what you are doing is good, it also gives your potential customers the chance to relate to you and your business.

Something that we have failed to identify in the past, is the need for structured testimonials. We have just asked clients to say how they felt about our services. But after testing the structured approach on several client sites, we have really seen the value in outlining a problem first then go on to say how that problem was solved and how happy they are about it. Not just having testimonials that rave about how good you are.

If you look at customer testimonials, they often start by outlining a problem. “My old website was not generating any customers”, “Having used a number of web developers we were trying to leave our periodic makeover for as long as possible because in our experience trying to get anything done was time consuming and frustrating”, “My website wasn’t working well with mobile devices”. The kind of testimonials work well because they show that your existing customer shared the same problems that potential customers are currently dealing with.

Even more importantly, good testimonials then go on to explain how your business solved that problem. “The Web Taylor helped me achieve exactly the website I had in mind in only a few days”, “With The Web Taylor all communication was effective and changes were quickly made which was the crucial point considering that our site is the only means of marketing”, “They developed my new website including a content management system along with a new logo and business cards, in a very professional and effective way. The design and implementation of my requirements and contents are excellent”. The problem is what people can relate to, so encourages the potential customer to start reading, and the solution is what gets that person to your contact page.

The main point here is that without acknowledging a problem first, your testimonial is not reaching its full potential. When you ask clients for testimonials, try asking structured questions to make sure you are getting the best testimonial possible.

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