How Your SEO Campaign Can Benefit from PR

For a long time, PR and SEO have been regarded as two totally different campaigns. PR has always been seen as a platform to clear any rumours about a business or for making announcements while SEO’s role was to direct traffic to the website. What many entrepreneurs and managers do not know is that they can actually leverage both of them for the success of the business. You can guarantee your SEO campaign a lot of success by making PR a crucial part of it, and this guide will highlight just how important it is.

Link Authenticity

When implementing search engine optimisation, there are very many strategies that can be used and link building is one of the most effective ones. Unfortunately, not all links that you get are quality and using such links can have a very negative effect on your rankings. This is where PR comes in. Links associated with the PR industry are usually authentic and relevant. This in turn brings you better rankings and, of course, more conversions. Other than link building, PR professionals are renowned storytellers and content generators. SEO can greatly benefit from this kind of content.

The Cascade Effect

When you have a PR event, the media will always capture it, and since journalists love citing stories from fellow journalists, your PR message could have a cascading effect. This effect is magnified if you can get a prominent media house to cover the event. As a result, you will have very many backlinks that you did not even work for, and this is what SEO needs.

Furthermore, clients will also want to be associated with you if big media outlets feature your article. This in turn grows customer loyalty and brand awareness. The traffic directed to your site is bound to skyrocket too. This is especially good since it improves search engine rankings for the site.

PR features various tools that also SEO embraces such as the use of keywords, content, contact information and titles. By using them correctly, you are not only passing on information to the public but also leveraging your PR post to bring you backlinks and more business.

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