Increase Brand Awareness with a Facebook Page

There is no doubt that Facebook is the biggest social network of them all. With over 425 million active users it is hard to ignore the marketing potential for any business. But there are still people that have not embraced the social media culture and find it hard to see the real value in participating in social networking to increase brand awareness.

Facebook is the most widely used social network, so is a very good place to start for a beginner. Once you have a personal account, you can then set up a Facebook page for your business. This can be a place where a company posts updates, announces promotions and customers/clients ask questions or give feedback on products or services. When people “like” a page their friends get notified, so there is potential for more people to like a page and the word can spread throughout groups of friends.

Here are some useful tips on how to manage and promote your company Facebook page:

1. Link to Your Facebook Page

Ensure that you put links to your Facebook page on your website. You can also put a ‘like’ button on your site, so instead of having to go onto your page to “like” it, a user can click the like button on your actual website (details on the Facebook like button are here).

2. Keep Your Page Active

Ensure that you don’t abandon your Facebook page. It is very easy to be motivated to begin with and then lost interest, but having an inactive Facebook page is only going to reflect badly on you. You should update your page as often as you can. Posts can include updates on your business, interesting and related facts, inspirational quotes, thought of the day and so on.

3. Encourage Discussion

You should encourage people to talk and discuss as much as you can on your page. Not only will it look better with more discussion, but it will help you reach a wider audience as discussions will be visible to people’s friends. To encourage discussion you need to post updates that spark a reaction among your fans.

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