There are many different factors that will determine your website rankings. Your keywords, website content, coding, website speed, backlinks and lots more. But what many people fail to remember is that keeping your ranking is a job within itself, especially in a competetive market! We have seen time and time again, people have obtained a good search engine ranking and think “That’s it, job done!”, but really that is half of the job. The rest of it is to keep your website’s ranking and to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

The first thing to look at would be your content. Search engines such as Google love text content, the more of it the better, and the more frequently it is updated the better. The best way to do this is to add a company blog to your website. Within this blog you can write about goings on within your company and general news and announcements that relate to your business sector. This increases your website’s page count, the amount of content on your website and can also be useful for people visiting your website.

Backlinks also hold a lot of weight when search engines such as Google determine your website’s ranking. Adding your website to online directory sites can be a very effective way of building links back to your website, you can find a list here. When adding links to directory websites it is important to vary the title, otherwise search engines may see the links as being spam and give them no weight at all! It is also quite important to stagger out directory submissions, and not to do them all in one big lot. It is advisable to add links to around 200 directory sites and wait 1-2 months before adding to a further 200 directory sites.

Finally an important part of retaining your website’s search engine ranking is to closely monitor your competitors and keep one step ahead of them. Make it a monthly task to search for keywords relevant to your site and look at the other websites that come up. See what content they have, whether they have a blog if so what are they talking about and also look at the keywords that they are using and maybe consider incorporating them into your site.

If you have any questions on Search Engine Optimisation or would like to see what we could do for your website, please get in touch!

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