Routes to Market

Whatever your business’ product or service, it is important to establish which routes to market are the most appropriate. That is to say, through which outlets are you going to sell your product or service? From an online shop to online auction sites, mail order and wholesalers, there are any number of methods for selling to your customers. The choices you make here could have a significant impact on the success of your business and your profit margins.

The routes to market you choose will be dependent on numerous factors. The initial areas to think about when making this decision are as follows:

In order to drill down into these areas, your best starting point would be to conduct market research. This will help you better understand who your customers are, what they buy, where they buy and why they buy. Once you have indentified these key points, it will be a lot easier to pinpoint the appropriate route to market. Remember, it is highly unlikely that you will select just one route. Most successful retailers utilise at least two.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the main routes to market…

Online Store:

Online Auction Site:

An Actual Shop:

Direct selling using sales people:

Sales Agents

Selling through third party retailer



Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Mail Order

Consider the above options (and others) carefully before making a decision. The routes to market you opt for could impact significantly on the way your customers interact with you and your products and ultimately effect your profits. Once you have selected and implemented your chosen routes, ensure that you continue to evaluate each of their success. If a particular route is performing significantly better than others, you may wish to invest more money in that area and less in others.

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