Social Media for B2B Marketing – Advice For Beginners

We all know that social media is huge and now considered a key element in any online marketing campaign. But many of those in business to business marketing still struggle with findingĀ  an effective social media strategy.

Part of the problem is that many companies still do not see the full potential for marketing through social media. This means lack of investment in time and resources. As a starting point, it is imperative to recognise the power of social media and invest in it. The intern is almost certainly not the best person to be carrying out your social activities.

Next on the agenda is identifying the most appropriate social media platforms for B2B marketing and for your particular business. It is no secret that LinkedIn is the most popular and generally considered the most effective for B2B marketing so this is usually the best place to start. Twitter is also proving pretty popular in B2B and Google+ is very up-and-coming. Having said that, not every social media website works for every company. Do your homework and identify several sites that you wish to focus on for the time being.

You need to set yourself goals, identifying what you actually want your social media to achieve. This could be any number of things from brand awareness to monitoring customer feedback. Recognising your goals is essential in giving your social media activity direction. Writing them down should give you even more focus.

When thinking about your posts, bear in mind that they should offer value to your prospective customers. Simply posting about your products or services will give no reason for anyone to follow you or take notice. Offering help or extra information is far more likely to engage your potential customers. Remember, social media is not about the hard sell. Providing links to helpful and interesting blog posts on your website can be an excellent way of driving traffic to your site, as well as providing answers to prospectives. As with any social media marketing campaign, variety of posts is key. Try to mix text with other more visual elements such as images and video.

Finally, you need to measure the success of your social media posts. Most social media platforms usually offer basic analysis and reporting which is a starting point. You will need to track which types of post receive more engagement than others. The results can help shape your future social media activity and strategies. There are other paid tools which can provide you with much more accurate and detailed reporting. Ultimately you will need your B2B social media marketing activities to deliver a return on your investment.

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