The Web Taylor now has the new Facebook Page Insights – Here’s Our Overview

Facebook has been rolling out the new ‘Insights’ section for Pages over the past few weeks. Here at The Web Taylor we have just been moved over to the new format so thought we would give those of you that have not yet received it, a bit of an overview of its features.

Although the presence of an ‘Insights’ section is not new, it looks like the new format gives Page owners and administrators far more detailed information about who Likes their Page and engages with their Posts.

What’s New?

There are now 4 tabs under the ‘Insights’ section:


Under the ‘Page’ tab, there are3 further sub-sections – ‘Page Likes’, ‘Post Reach’ and ‘Page Visits’. The information provided under these sections is pretty detailed. Particularly useful may be the ‘Where Your Page Likes Came From’ Insight. Understanding the source of our ‘Likes’ may affect future strategies.


Here you can see a detailed breakdown of how your Posts performed. You will be able to see the ‘Reach’ – i.e. how many people saw your post, and the ‘Engagement’ – i.e. how many people Clicked, Liked, Commented on or Shared a Post. Thus you will be able to identify which types of Post are more successful and which are not, allowing you to know what works and what doesn’t.

You can also see a breakdown of when your fans are online – days and times – in order to help you schedule your posts at those appropriate times and maximise Reach.


Getting to know your fans is what the ‘People’ section is all about. View data about age, gender, geography and language of your fans, people reached and people engaged. You can also compare the demographics of those that Like your Page with the demographics of Facebook’s total population.


As with the previous Insights, you can download data within any given date range into either Excel or CSV formats.

The new ‘Insights’ is much more comprehensive than the previous version and is designed to help Page owners constantly analyse and improve upon their strategies for engagement. Here is a bit more information from Facebook’s point of view.

So far, the large majority of Page administrators have welcomed these changes, many feeling that they are well overdue.

Have you been moved over to the new Page Insights? If so, what do you think? Do you feel better equipped or overwhelmed with data? Please let us know in the comments below.

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