Tips for Writing a Good Web Design Brief

Your website is an important tool. Given that many people will want to carry out extensive research online before finally deciding to buy from you, your website is critical for the first impressions, and that is why it has to be well designed.

The website development process is governed by many things although a great web design brief ensures that you get exactly what you want. This document handles the entire development process and if it is not good enough then your website will definitely suffer. This is why we will highlight tips for writing an outstanding web design brief.

Give Your Budget

Many people will try and avoid discussions about the project’s budget during its initial stages. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for disaster. Explicitly stating your budget range makes it easier to formulate your proposal and also manage your expectations. The development company also needs to know this early enough to give you a time frame, scope of work and a work schedule.

Be Detailed

It is common to hear people telling web developers to be creative when coming up with a website. Such a statement is too open, and it is bound to bring conflicts when you are presented with the completed website. Instead, focus on the details. Describe what should be included in all webpages without forgetting the number of pages that you need. You should also be clear about its look and feel. In case there is a website you fancy, let the developers know so that they can emulate what they see there. You can even include sketches and layouts of the different pages for clarification.

Give Sufficient Background Information

The developer does not understand what your company does like you do. You know your business and customers, and when it comes to designing the website, these are the main items to consider. This is why you have to give enough background information in this brief. Talk about the business and its unique features. Paint a clear picture of your customers in terms of age, sex and interests to help the developer understand what is really needed. It is also important to let the development company know of your competition for the best results.

Website Management

After your website has been completed, it’s important to think about how often will it need to be updated and if you will need control over it. You should be clear about what elements of the site you will need control over and your expectation on how it should be managed. Being in control is more important for some than others, so may not be a requirement for some web design projects.


A great web design brief is all that you need if you are after a website that will help you bring in new sales while also promoting brand awareness. By following these simple guidelines as you write up the brief, you will certainly achieve that.

For more information, some guidance or if you would like to discuss our services further please get in touch, we are happy to help.

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