Top 5 Mistakes That Web Designers Make

Your business’ website is a valuable tool in not only bringing in new sales but also creating brand awareness. Your site is likely to suffer from some of the following common web design mistakes that will render it useless if you fail to get the right web design company.

Unsuitable Screen Resolution

The number of websites where users are forced to scroll horizontally to view more information is astronomical. This is totally unacceptable today, especially with the advent of responsive web design templates. Luckily, you can avoid this mistake by getting a web design Portsmouth company that will use adaptive web design techniques that will make your website readable regardless of the user’s device.

Links Opening in New Windows

Back when Internet Explorer was the only known browser, opening new links in a new window was the in-thing. Today, this is very annoying. In fact, many users will navigate away from such a website. This is because many browsers allow users to open links in new tabs and by forcing them to use new windows each time they click on a link, you are robbing them of their browsing preferences.

Broken Links

To understand how this mistake will cost you, ask for people’s opinion any time they encounter the famous 404 error. When you click on a link, you expect to be taken to its content and being met with the 404 error is every web user’s nightmare. In fact, many people will rarely visit again a site where they were met with broken links.

Poor Navigation

Your website’s navigation is crucial in determining the amount of time visitors spend on the site. Unfortunately, many web designers do not pay a lot of attention to this. As a result, visitors will not be able to figure out where to go next. This will force them to move to the next website, probably your competitors. Therefore, if you are after effective web design Hampshire, think about what can be done to help users manoeuvre through your site quickly.

Style and Font Inconsistency

Web pages need to have some form of consistency and flow. Sticking to a uniform style and font type and size are some of the best ways to achieve that. However, many web designers use so many different styles and fonts that the website becomes almost ineligible.

These common web design mistakes have a significant effect on the amount of traffic that your site lands and even your conversion rates. However, you can avoid them by getting in touch with The Web Taylor now.

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