Web design is a skill, an art and something that requires passion. I have seen an increasing number of companies recently who have used the bigboy directory company Yell to build their website. I had heard about a year or so ago that Yell were moving into the website design market, and I must admit it did worry me slightly. Being a relatively small company my thoughts were we would not be able to compete with their prices, and that they would have a massive advatage over company’s like TheWebTaylor just because of their already established reputation and brand.

But after seeing some of their websites in action my worries have subsided slightly. Yes, Yell do have a big name and big reputation, but their websites, well… disappointing! Apart from their website templates being very similar, the coding of the websites I have seen was also not very good. We are constantly keeping a close eye on all of our direct competitors and the work they do (in terms of web design and coding), and would even recommend one of those over a Yell website.

My advice is to stick with someone who knows the market through and through. Who solely concentrates on the web design/development market and avoid those samey looking template websites. Yes, with Yell you will get a cheap, half decent site. But with a company like TheWebTaylor, you will get a competitively priced masterpiece you can be proud of and safe with the knowledge that no other company has the same design.

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