Why Your Company Needs a Mobile App

Many businesses fail to move forward and evolve with the times. A good example of this is the rise of mobile apps and there are still many businesses that are yet to take the plunge into the world of mobile.

With customer-facing mobile apps you actually have the ability to engage with your customers directly using something that they carry with them 24/7. Having a customer install your app on their mobile is one of the most intimate and direct forms of marketing that you can get, no wonder many larger companies are heavily investing in mobile apps and websites.

Mobile apps for businesses are usually divided into two areas:

1. Customer-facing apps that are built to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

2. Internal apps that are built to improve the productivity and efficiency of a workforce.

Customer-Facing Apps

The reasoning behind many companies developing mobile apps is to increase brand exposure to help build awareness and drive sales. Mobile apps can be used to branch out into new markets and reach an audience that may have not been possible before.

One of the biggest benefits of a customer-facing app is the ability to list it on the app stores. Traditionally you would more than likely rely on prospective customers proactively seeking out your services using search engines or other methods. This means that your company’s brand is at the fingertips of millions of people who browse apps every day.

Benefits of a customer facing app:

Internal Apps

Mobilise Your Sales Team

Supplying your sales team with an internal mobile app can give them media rich marketing materials that could help their sales conversion. More benefits are:

Internal mobile apps can also be used for quoting rather than traditional paper quoting. This increases flexibility allowing a salesman to amend a quote with just a few taps of their finger. Product comparison features could also give your sales team the power to search for and find the best deal for your customer.

Improve Efficiency

Utilising mobile apps within your workforce can improve efficiency by saving time, money and generate better results faster.

Mobile also has the ability to send internal documents seamlessly to other members of staff (both in-house and remotely), sales representatives out in the field, and your customers across the world.

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