WordPress: The Ultimate Content Management System

Websites and blogs have a crucial role to play especially in this age of digital marketing. It is essential to keep website’s content fresh and up-to-date, and for many business owners this can be challenging due to lack of time and resource. The good news for them is that there is a solution that makes website management a breeze, WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular tool for the creation and management of websites and blogs, and if you hadn’t guessed, we love it! Other than being easy to setup and develop a website, WordPress is a powerful content management system. Created by Matt Mullenweg in 2003, WordPress was originally for blog websites. But its functionality has expanded over the years to allow for top-end, dynamic websites with a very user-friendly admin interface. What sets it apart from other CMS’ is that you don’t need vast technical knowledge to update and manage your website.

WordPress Features

This world-leading CMS boasts thousands of plugins and add-ons that you can incorporate into your site for added functionality. In fact, you can build and manage a website without writing a single line of HTML or PHP code. Unlike traditional web design software, WordPress is a web-based system that you can access anywhere, provided you have an internet connection. Even if you do not have a computer, you can design a website right from your phone.

Another great feature that sets it apart is its portability. Websites created using WordPress can easily be moved, copied and hosted on other platforms.

Getting Started

We always recommend having a professional developer create your website using WordPress. But if you are looking for a low-cost, DIY solution you can use pre-made themes and templates.

This is one of the simplest tools to get started with, and best of all it’s absolutely free! Many hosts offer the ability to install WordPress at the click of a button, which means you can start working on your website in minutes.

If your host does’t offer this feature, the other option would be to download the latest of WordPress from wordpress.org, and follow the installation instructions. Although it can seem daunting it’s actually quite straight forward. Once downloaded simply unzip somewhere on your computer, upload the unzipped files to your web server via FTP, setup a database, then populate the wp-config-sample.php with your database name, username and password. Finally change the file name to wp-config.php, upload via FTP and you’re done!

Why You Use WordPress?

WordPress is not the only content management system around, it’s rivals Joomla, Drupal and concrete5 and very popular. However, it stands tall amongst the competition and boasts driving more than 22% of active websites online today.

WordPress is free, open source software. The setup is simple, plugins allow added functionality with ease and it’s extremely easy to manage your website. Those with web development experience also like it because its source code is readily available, and so they can modify it the way they want. Given that it is free, it is mainly supported by its community of users and you can also be part of that community by creating patches, themes and even answering support questions.

Millions of people are using WordPress to power their websites and this is mainly driven by how easy it is to use it. Furthermore, there are many tutorials on the internet that can guide you in managing your website.

SEO Friendly

SEO is an important marketing strategy, and WordPress is written using high-quality code that makes the site attractive and SEO friendly. You also have the option of using SEO plugins to make it even friendlier.

To Sum It Up

WordPress is brilliant! We love it and millions of others do too. Whether you run a business (big or small), charity or blog, WordPress has the power, scalability and intuitive interface to cater for any needs.

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